The Collin County Republican Party is the body formed by one of the most active and conservative Executive Committees in Texas. Their efforts to keep Collin County dark red are valiant, and they need a robust digital presence to keep that advocacy alive in this ever growing county.


How do you bring a Grand Old Party into the modern digital world? By building an authoritative and consistent brand, and using all digital tools to create a bold experience for the average user or voter. Through diligent efforts I have created a brand presence that is recognizable in the community and a trusted source for information around elections.

Digital Performance


Search Traffic

Searchers were able to find the Republican party website in critical times like elections.


Search Results

Highest rank and Google snippet for terms like “collin county early voting” and “collin county voting locations”.


Visitor Sessions

The 2016 election saw a sharp increase in visitors because of our high ranking and the ease of information access.


Branding starts with a good logo, and a designer that has a vision that can portray it across any medium. It is critical that the public see a consistent presentation of the logo and elements in order to create recognition and trust of a brand.

County Republican Party Logo


Social Media is one of the driving forces behind the CollinGOP’s outreach efforts. Meetings and other events are posted to our Facebook event page so anyone can get involved with their club or attend an Executive Committee meeting.


We use the MailChimp platform because of its easy to use interface and versatile design capabilities. Check out some of the unique email sends for our 2017 Lincoln Day Dinner, or one of our exclusive donor events.

For the last three years, Chris Bingham has worked with me as the Chairman of the Collin County Republican Party in both the design and maintenance of our logo and our website. In the meantime, he has, using social media and limited advertising, managed to drive significantly increased traffic to our website, to the point that any search for elections in Collin County brings our website consistently into the top position. He has been wonderful to work with, particularly as well in the design of various e-mail, social media, and traditional mail campaigns assisting us in our outreach, fundraising, and programming. He is a constant source of well-considered marketing and promotional ideas which have helped immensely to establish the Republican brand in Collin County. I highly recommend him and his services.

George Flint, Former CollinGOP Chairman
Collin County Republican Party Website Design & Digital Marketing