A good foundation is important

Your website should be developed with you in mind

Gone are the days of not updating website because the developer decided to quit or stop answering their emails. Today, many website developers use a powerful content management system (CMS) like WordPress, to build a website with a solid and ever improving foundation. With nearly 30% of all websites using WordPress as the CMS many plugins and other tools can be added to extend the functionality of the website to meet the marketing goals of your brand. With a number of online resources and ease of use, it is also a platform that volunteers can learn and teach to others as they come and go in your organization.

Make a bold statement online

Website design is critical to a good user experience

Making a statement with your website doesn’t mean you have to be paying a high price or pushing the envelope of design. It simply means that you provide a better experience than your competitor. Using a CMS like WordPress and a great theme as the skin of the website, your brand can deliver a fast and mobile-friendly experience that will give your customers the information they are searching for which helps search engines to understand you’re an authoritative source. At Bingham Design, I will work with your team to create a beautiful website design that balances a great visual experience with SEO best practices.