What I’m Doing Now

I am looking to help advance the conservative philosophy in the world and return the United States to founding principles. Working through political candidates and local parties, I help shape online experiences that engage generations in the political process.

January 2018 Goals

  • Launch the website

  • Progress on current project leads

  • Develop lead generation brochure and process

  • Develop PPC skills and learning

Quick Facts

  • Who: Chris Bingham

  • Location: Plano, TX

  • Hobbies: Finding the perfect Bleu Cheese Burger and Racquetball


  • Recent Achievement: Launching new brand and website

  • Current Read: The Conservative Mind

  • Current Netflix Show: The Punisher

  • Current Album: Requiem – Mozart

Updated 1/26/18

Inspired by the nownownow.com project from Derek Sivers