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When you think of the word “brand”, you may think of big well-known companies or the clothes you wear every day. Believe it or not, in today’s marketing-driven world, your Republican county party, club, or even your candidacy is considered a brand. Each county party is a unique brand that also has to be a representative of the state and national parties. How do you most often view or interact with brands on social media each day? Think about that as you consider why Republicans should be active on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Across the cultural spectrum it is fashionable right now to “call out” or “destroy” others on social media with a single tweet or post. Often this is viewed through the rose tinted glasses of your political persuasion. This isn’t real engagement though. For Republicans, social media engagement is the opportunity to reach new audiences or meet your current audience where they are.

Engagement will start with a set of editorial guidelines that your team will need to produce. These guidelines should loosely cover how a person should respond to a positive comment, a negative comment, what kind of materials from websites to repost, and what to do if a user starts a challenging conversation. With these guidelines in place, your team can effectively engage audiences in real time which will boost credibility and awareness in the eyes of the platform and other users. Authentic brands are rewarded for their genuine and thoughtful responses, but brands that “totally destroy” or “obliterate” the other side are subjected to small corners of the broad discussion and limit the overall appeal. Members and donors want to be treated like people. People like positivity, humor, connection, and truth.


Social media platforms make it easy for Republican brands to increase their reach with integrated calendar systems. Facebook has one of the most robust calendar systems that can enable a county wide effort to take place.

Here’s how a Facebook calendar can help Republicans:

  • Have recurring events set up so you just have to enter your Executive committee meetings once instead of every month

  • Events can have extensive information added to them about times, locations, tickets, and anything else that might help visitors or newcomers

  • Groups can tag each other as “cohosts” so that one event will show up in multiple calendars which increases awareness

  • With an advertising budget, the event can be “boosted” to expand the reach of that event and attract new visitors


People love identifying with a winning team, so after a major election victory or other event, brag about it on social media! This is an opportunity to show the gains your party makes in a blue county or how Republican principles are bettering the lives of many in a red county. Your posts shouldn’t come across as arrogant or “slam” the other side as “losers”, just act like you’ve been there before. Confidence is much more attractive than arrogance. Invite members to “Like” and “Share” to keep the enthusiasm spreading!


Need volunteers for your event, callers for your phone bank, or walkers for your block walks? Use social media to put out the recruiting call for help with your community engagement efforts. People want to know what they’re signing up for, so be sure to include information about the jobs, times, locations, and other details you would want to know before signing up for something. The social platforms also include a “Live” feature, so use those tools to call attention to your volunteers at the events or let others know what they’re missing out on.

Summing It Up:

Overall, your group’s social media activities represent your brand, and a successful brand has a cohesive message. The content you create and share on social platforms should connect to your overall digital strategy. Enthusiasm, efforts, and engagement will all improve when viewers feel invited and excited to learn more about your cause and are offered a well-designed place to do that (this is especially important to younger generations just now getting involved!). Your social media marketing plan should connect to your website, email marketing, fundraising, and events. A well-rounded strategy using tracking tools will allow you to measure what people respond to best and will guide you in the future as you grow your brand.

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