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Project Description

County Republican Website Design | Bingham Design | conservative Republican Graphic Designer & Digital Marketer

Bingham Design


July 2015

Project Details

The Collin County Republican Party is the body formed by one of the most active and conservative Executive Committees in Texas. Their efforts to keep Collin County dark red are valiant, and they need a digital presence to keep that advocacy alive in the 21st century.

As a Graphic Designer and Digital Marketer, I am responsible for the rebranding and logo creation, two website developments, email marketing, and social media engagement. I formulate ongoing strategy for voter information, election pages, special event pages, and donation pages.

Design Elements

When Chairman George Flint took the helm of the CollinGOP, he asked me to help with the party branding and various design elements. We explored several logo options for new directions, finally settling on the one below. He recognized that a professional, simple, and identifiable logo is critical to establishing trust and recognition within the community. The versatile logo I designed is perfect for banners, ad placements, and social media pages. I have also helped design countless flyers, election handouts, and road signs used in the 2016 election.

Collin County Republican Party Logo | Bingham Design | Graphic Designer & Digital Marketer
Vote Republican Collin County | Bingham Design

Social Engagement

Social Media is one of the driving forces behind the CollinGOP’s outreach efforts. We make sure to post club meetings to our Facebook event page so anyone can get involved with their club or attend an Executive Committee meeting. We also make sure to celebrate our important events and our uniquely Texan heritage through social posts. Check out our active social feeds.

Email Marketing

I also design and broadcast the weekly newsletter of CollinGOP club events, and for all of the major events. We use the MailChimp platform because of its easy to use interface and versatile design capabilities. Check out some of the unique email sends for our 2017 Lincoln Day Dinner, or one of our exclusive donor events.

Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile design is a critical factor in making sure the CollinGOP website is Google and user-friendly. In the 2016 election, I made sure that users were able to find the information they needed on when and where to vote. Our page of information was the featured snippet for the term “collin county early voting locations” because Google saw that the page information was organized in the correct fashion. In the two weeks of early voting, we had 34,000+ new users, nearly 20,000 of which were mobile users. Our mobile-friendly website helped drive traffic to the polls. On-page optimizations such as a sample ballot button, map links for each of the polling places, and the subtle encouragement to “Vote Republican” further helped users find the critical information they needed. Mobile traffic is only going to continue to grow, and the CollinGOP is ready to serve up the information that users are looking for when they encounter us in the community.

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Election 2016 CollinGOP website data
Mobile Friendly County Republican Website Design | Bingham Design | conservative Republican Graphic Designer & Digital Marketer