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Project Description

Project Details

Equita Final Expense Services, EFES Online, is an industry leading provider of low-cost, exclusive final expense leads for their agents. Their primary targets are recruiting of new agents and providing information and quotes to senior citizens. EFES provides a number of continuing education services and incentives for their agents to succeed in a very competitive industry.

Their previous website was not smart enough, mobile-friendly, or cohesive enough to provide the level of marketing sophistication they needed. AtomicDC was tasked with helping to create a powerful digital statement with their website. Together, we built a website that is modern, responsive, SEO optimized, and driven to convert potential new agents and give them opportunities to learn and succeed.

My Role


As lead designer, I helped to develop a new color scheme, on-page conversion strategy for every page, and the flow of the home page.


I worked closely with the Atomic SEO team to develop on-page strategies for content placement that would incorporate relevant keywords using industry best practices. This also involved working to place sign up forms and other conversion tactics in the page design.


As lead developer, I was responsible for working with the EFES team to install WordPress on their new server set up. After the design and development of the pages and various custom post types, I made sure all of the 301 redirects were in place, properly set up the Analytics tracking, and launched the website.

Custom Work

I lead the development team in implementing a solution for converting very old WordPress custom post types into modern WordPress post types for the EFES University section of the website. This also included developing a process of securing those posts so only members could see them.

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