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Project Description

Project Details

Gringo’s Tex-Mex is one of the best Mexican restaurants in the Houston area. With 10 locations and more on the way, this fun, family-friendly, and community-oriented restaurant chain needed a website that reflected that character.

AtomicDC helped bring their unique and flavorful design style to life in the pages of the website. We also helped develop a complex form system that has unique triggers and options for each of the locations. This site is fast, mobile-friendly, and SEO optimized too.

My Role


I worked very closely with the Atomic and Gringo’s teams to design custom elements and layouts for the various sections and pages in the Gringo’s website. This meant incorporating the unique patterns and colors of Gringo’s into a clean and streamlined page design.


I was the lead in the installation of WordPress, developed each page, and completed the launch of the site. We used the Gravity Forms conditional logic all throughout our forms to trigger unique fields and notifications based on a page submission.


Restaurants require an extra level of scrutiny in the website structure because Google needs to easily find location and menu information. At AtomicDC, we thoroughly researched the naming conventions and on-page design based on industry best practices.


Restaurant websites must feature beautiful food and location photography, but still need to consider how that will be delivered to the mobile device. In development, I optimized photos to look appealing but still be delivered fast.

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