How Digital Marketing Works for Republicans

Republican Candidates

Republican candidates need an online presence so they can easily market their values, positions, and recruit volunteers. Building the platforms correctly gathers valuable data to target the right people with your messaging.

Republican County Parties

People turn to Republican County Parties for the information they need to know when they want to get involved or go vote in important elections. Make a boldly digital impact in these key areas with a focused digital marketing effort:

  • Precinct Chair Recruitment

  • Meetings & Events Awareness

  • Election Information & Locations

  • Volunteer Opportunities

  • Donating Money to Local Efforts


Total Traffic Growth

One Republican county party website had a dramatic total traffic increase for the 2018 Primary compared to the 2016 Primary. Having the right information targeted to important keywords helps promote Republican GOTV efforts.

Republican Clubs

When Republican clubs embrace the online world for marketing, they can dramatically increase their reach for recruiting new members or driving awareness about their events to attend.

Talk with a Digital Marketing Expert

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Website Development

Make a statement for Republican ideals in your community with a mobile-friendly and fast website design

• Mobile-Friendly Website Design

Your website must be mobile-friendly because people will be experiencing your Republican cause on-the-go. If they want to know your stance on issues or voting locations, your website must look great on any device.

• User-Friendly & Fast

A thoughtful plan must be put into place so visitors can experience your website with ease. A fast loading time and a clean design will yield the best results for your marketing goals.

• Easy to Update & Manage

Using WordPress, premium plug-ins, and a high quality theme, your website can make a bold statement for your brand online. Your team will be able to manage your website making on-the-fly updates a breeze and adding new content simple.

Search Engine Optimization

Republicans are looking for your content, so make sure users and search engines can understand what your website is about

• Be Tracking & Gathering Data

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for gathering non-private data about the users of your website. When configured properly, it can tell you where your traffic comes from (search, email, social, etc.), where it came from, how long they stayed, and what actions they took.

• Keyword Research & Management

Keywords are what trigger search engines use to possibly display a piece of your website to the user looking for information. Optimizing your content around important Republican topics and issues means that you’ll be connecting with users through their searches.

• It’s About the Little Things

Optimizing your website for the way Republicans want to find it sounds like a daunting challenge, but with an expert on your team you’ll be doing all of the little things that add up to the bold impacts.

Online Advertising

Engage Republicans where they are online with campaigns targeted through pay-per-click advertising

• Enhance Your Engagement Efforts

Politics is still about face-to-face interactions, but once you’ve engaged a Republican have a strategy to continue to engage them with targeted advertising campaigns and landing pages that work with your print materials to show their effectiveness through data collection.

• Be Seen Where They Are Already

The Republican audience has a multitude of platforms they use, so start targeting them on those platforms with advertising about your positions and issues. Results of your investment are measurable and making changes based on available data is quick and easy.

Email Marketing

Republicans want to stay informed so create consistent and compelling email content for them to read

• Get Them with a Hook

Getting an email is an exchange and users want to know that they will receive valuable information when they give away their email. Make sure you’re delivering that compelling content about Republican issues or events that make them want to read your email.

• The Start of Their Journey

An email about your positions or Republican events is often the start of a user’s engagement with your other digital marketing efforts. Make sure those platforms are ready to stay connected with that user who opened your email.

Social Media Engagement

Republicans should have a smart and fun approach to Social Media platforms

• Create Profiles Where People Are

Social Media platforms can be a powerful tool for getting out the Republican message but keeping up with the latest trends and sites can be a challenge. Look at your demographics and ask the people what they use. Choose the platforms that many people use and take full advantage of the platform. Don’t think you have to be everywhere. This is a great opportunity to recruit helpers who use the different platforms.

• Content Development is Critical

Messaging for your Republican cause can be a difficult task. When it comes to party tactics, factions within the party are going to have strong opinions about those actions taken. Develop a content strategy for your social media posts that promotes local and national sources that are reputable. You can also develop a schedule of content to publish from your blog or from contributors.

Branding & Graphic Design

Your Republican brand should be something that is recognized across all platforms and materials

• Develop a logo with meaning and clarity

As the center piece of any visual system, the logo of your Republican brand is going to be the thing you need to “get right” first. It must be representative of the group and unique enough to stand out in a crowd.

• Consistently present your brand everywhere

Creating a brand also means creating a visual pattern for your other materials. This pattern is going to be used in the print materials you hand out to those wanting to engage with your Republican group and will be what is used to design your digital marketing campaigns. Have some fun and flexibility with it, but be sure that elements like the logo or fonts are consistently used.

Start Winning with Digital Marketing

Let’s have a conversation about how to start or improve your digital marketing efforts for your Republican Party, campaign, or group.