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Today, we were reminded that it is “National Women’s Equality Day”. It lead me to think about two things. 1) When is National Men’s Equality Day because #equality? and 2) What is meant by “equality”?

Sen. Goldwater once said, “Equality, rightly understood as our founding fathers understood it, leads to liberty and to the emancipation of creative differences; wrongly understood, as it has been so tragically in our time, it leads first to conformity and then to despotism.” This quote has been my cover graphic for a very long time because it never ceases to lose its relevance.

This day was commissioned to celebrate the passage of the 19th Amendment. That was a glorious day for our country, and like many other great moments in our history, was opposed by Progressives, but used to their political exploitation. Prominent Progressives of the era begrudgingly supported the women’s movement, and today they tell us there is so much “more equality” that we need to strive for in our society.

Their definition of “more equality” is not before the law (which has been achieved) but equality in circumstances, outcome, and biology. This is a lie because of the simple fact that one human can never be fully equal to another. They exploit the fear of difference for their ends of controlling humanity. They tell you that women make 77 cents to the man’s dollar. When you look at the stats out of context, sure that number seems horrible. That doesn’t take into account different types of jobs, roles, experience level, and many other factors. I don’t make the same amount of money as another front-end developer in the same size company, and with years of experience. That is because there are differences in our lives and circumstances.

As a Christian, I celebrate that God created man and woman as unique biological creatures. He created these distinct differences throughout the animal kingdom, and developed some very unique ways to celebrate those differences. Those differences should be celebrated throughout our society as well. Today we’re told that a man like Bruce Jenner can cross those biological differences by merely thinking he is a woman, and changing his appearance. It’s embarrassing that this is considered rational and promoted as “bravery”.

As a conservative, I celebrate the roles that society has shaped for women over the centuries. Societies have built upon the biological differences of women, and those that did it correctly have prospered immensely. I want those experiences, reasoning, and knowledge to be passed on to our society, not the lie that roles or experiences can be made equal with some new piece of legislation or government program. Today we’re told that women can be the sole leader in the family and that government will help where the woman can’t. This distorts the natural role of being devoted to developing the nurturing and caring sides of children while men are meant to develop the leadership qualities and character of children. Yes, there are exceptions to every role, and not every successful family has followed these paths.

As a man, I’m watching the woman I’m sharing my life with, go through the most amazing, beautiful, and wonderful transformation she can go through. I envy the experience she is going through right now because I am so fascinated that another human can grow inside of her. I wish I could feel the baby hiccups, the slightest twitch, or the movements she makes. I don’t envy everything else that comes with it, but I have a completely different burden I must bear in this family. Those are the kinds of things we will never be equal in, and I love that.

I could go on forever with this, but this is long enough. I choose to celebrate the diversity of women, but do admire their work towards equality before the law. I reject the Progressive perversion of the “equality”, and hope you’re celebrating this day for the right reasons too.

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